A tea lover, a food admirer but always a good listener. He has always been inquisitive and eager to know about the logics and science behind and that's what brought him here. So glad to see him enjoy this new lifestyle that has become a part of him now whether he is travelling ,socialising or anything else. Kudos to you Gaurav & your journey continues ✌✌ .

Here's what he has to say about his experience :

My story is not of someone going to 70kgs from 90kgs, but of 80 going to 75 in 2-3 months. But trust me I was a heavy sweet eater, travelling to many places on many weekends, not an exercise person and can't afford to not eat and do typical dieting.

Above all, I did not have that motivation level and desperation that a 90kgs person would have. So, all thanks goes to Pragati whose idea is scientific in nature which believes in slow weight loss and rather emphasises on changing wrong habit patterns, bringing modification in psychology towards food and blind eating and also focuses on building small small habits which are beneficial and sustainable over a long period of time.

After these months, I have gained so many smalls habits which are involuntarily part of me now such as enough water intake, increased activity level in normal routine life, a conscience about portion of food I am eating and not suppressing but bringing watchfulness towards cravings.

Pragati has always taken proactive steps towards reviewing the days then weeks regarding habit patterns and proper meal. The meals were planned with such specificity that I don't have to miss out on my normal food habits which I have been eating for centuries. The plans never gave me strain and Pragati always waited patiently motivating every-time it is required and reminding what is right.

For me the story is not over, the way she has made this process simple, soon I shall be going back to me 70 with her being my side guiding.