She has 8 months old baby , knee pain, thyroid, lockdown (unavailability of food) & what not but she stood strong and transformed herself. 💪💪

Look at her smile now ❣️❣️ Here's what she has to say -

I had always been a great believer of health & diet and was all prepared for motherhood. Most awaited phase of every girl's life. I enjoyed it to the core & the result of which was a healthy baby boy along with healthiest version of me with 85kgs.

I was sure I got to do something, but wasn't sure if I could do it without any guidance as I have thyroid too. I tried with some basic exercises but couldn't achieve much. That's when I got Pragati. She understood my priority which was i don't want to affect breastfeeding due to my exercises. Every time she gave me a diet plan, she made sure to take care of my requirements.

When our journey started, I had severe joint pain along with sleep issues. But she focussed on all aspects of my life. Even though I faced a lot of hurdles .. Lockdown, red zone because of corona, health issues, my kids health, lack of resources to keep a diet on track. She made me believe that with minimal resources also u can manage what you desire for...and when i saw physical changes in myself I was so happy and proud 😄😄

Now my joint pain has gone completely.My sleep quality has improved so much.

I wanted to break the mind set of accepting myth "mommies will be like this...They won't loose baby fat ever".

And I can proudly say that ," If you Can,  you definitely Will." And here i am after 3 months...68 kgs 💃💃💃💃

Thanks so much Pragati for making me believe that quality matters...quality Ghar ka Khana, quality time spent on well-being and quality sleep.