It's never about just weight loss and here's Rachna proving that to all of us 🔥🔥

Proud of you Rachna ❣️❣️ Let's hear about her journey from her

After cesarian🤰, I weighed 15kg 😕 more than my usual weight and people around were like its impossible to get ur tummy back to shape.

That is when, buddy Pragati helped me out with certain meal plans🍛 and specific workouts 🏋️. "Specific" because I had hip pain even in walking much since postpartum.But gradually with the exercises she made me do , I started getting relief and she kept on changing the workout accordingly.

Pragati had cheered me up when ever I was demotivated or feeling low. Either it be meals or workouts, she used to make sure if I was comfortable with it and if not, plan would be modified and she kept me on track. And interesting part is, I ate what I craved for, that too being in Calorie Deficit and yet lost weight. 🤷

My Diastasis Recti gap also came to 0.5 finger from 3 finger initially and now I can see my abs in mirror 🥰🥰

I never thought I would see myself in the transformation photos but buddy Pragati stood with me and made it possible. And finally, here I am💃 free of hip pain and gained strength . Thank you Pragati for encouraging me so far...❤️😘