Isn't it difficult to believe that she is a mother 👐👐

But yeah she is a full time working mom of a 1 year old who has to does a household chores as well 💪💪

Read below to know how she turned around her life in just a span of 3 months 🔥🔥

The time I stopped breastfeeding my daughter I suddenly gained a lot of extra kgs on me and wasn’t happy about it.

Just to give a little background I never did any workouts or was never conscious of what I ate. I decided that I would love to go back to my pre pregnancy weight just for myself, then I came across this programme on Instagram - saw few client dairies and enrolled in a day with a doubt and Pragati was assigned to me.

She designed the program as per my likes and dislikes be it workouts or the diet, through the journey I was lead to focus more upon a healthy lifestyle than just a weight-loss program.

Pragati was readily available as and when required and her concepts were clear which helped me achieved three majors goals

1. To make exercise as a routine in life

2. A healthy lifestyle, being aware of what you feed your body

3. I can now almost touch my feet 😀 which I could never do before as I wasn’t flexible enough to do it and ofcourse the kgs and inches I lost 😁 Overall this was an experiment that worked out with sheer dedication and a healthy guidance 💪🏼