We will never always be motivated. We have to learn to be disciplined.

She joined the programme as a mother of 2 month old. But she had her focus and time management right, which is clearly visible in what she has achieved today.

Like every other journey, she too had her ups and downs but she never chose to make an excuse and sincerely adapted to the changes I made in the programme without any if's and but's.
Your consistency truly inspire me Sathya ❤️❤️

Let's hear what she has to say :

I came to know about the programme on Instagram. As I was already doing exercises but never saw any results and I saw pictures on this page and thought of giving it a try.  Pragati really helped with the meal plan and the exercises.

Meal plan was not even like dieting as I still had all my favorite foods. She always checked on me if I am comfortable with the current meals and exercises .

After following everything for a month ,I developed habit of eating healthy also making walking and exercise as a regular part of life. Thanks to Pragati who helped me with all this.

She never let me give up on anything whether I was travelling or food unavailability during lockdown or even when I had knee injury.  She immediately changed the workout plan and guided me with all the do's and don'ts to recover faster. She always kept a close contact to make sure I was taking all the required precautions and still progressing in my goal.

I am so grateful for her help that she helped me change my lifestyle. I feel very energetic and a lot more confident now.

Thank you so much Pragati for being the best buddy ever 🥰🥰.