Here's sharing one of the most challenging transformation of my client - Shivangi

She has thyroid, a kid and all household chores to take care of. Along with that she had lots of downs during her journey but she never chose to give up and take the back seat.

You make me super proud Shivangi ❤❤

Heres what she has to say :

In Feb..when I joined my goal was to get more toned rather than just losing weight

If you'll look at the weight numbers you might will think that I have not loose much of weight

But honestly this is the best #weightlossjourney so far. I met Pragati who is an awesome buddy..she made me realize that to have a toned body you need mental transformation rather than physical transformation..and yes it's soooo true

She is a happy go lucky girl..but dude I have seen her strict side as well on diets and workouts, especially when my wrist was injured and I lifted weights and did some workouts by myself 😬😬 without her permission 😛

She was so concerned that she designed an exclusive workout plan where my wrist was not involved

There is so much to share about she became my trainer converted to physiotherapist ❤❤

There were many ups n down in my journey but she kept me on track..and made me so strong mentally that I even somedays did my workout at night

My stamina levels have increased so much , initially I was able to hold planks only for 30 sec and now even more then 2 mins

Despite of different time zones she was always ready to respond..for which even I told her to take care of her sleep.. believe me she was on an active chat around 2:00 AM IST.. 😮

I am all together a different person now.. I feel amazing, confident and more beautiful now.