I am so proud to share this transformation. She has never been one of the cribbing clients who just keep looking for weighing scale number & was satisfied even when we reached 58 kg goal but I believed that she has the potential to achieve more and kept pushing her. And Here she is, completely transformed. 🔥🔥

With a 7 month old baby and all household chores to be managed by self , you have achieved so much. Swati you really make me proud 😄 😄

Lets see what she has to say about it:

I didn’t gain so much weight during my pregnancy... but after 3 months post pregnancy I started gaining weight because I couldn’t control my food cravings..

Frankly speaking I wished to have a female buddy but I was little hesitant to express... but luckily I got Pragati as my buddy... she is one of the sweet caring girl I have ever met in my life...

She guided me in every steps. Pragati explained every diet plan so well... which includes almost everything that we usually have in our day today life ..if I feel bore she also changed my diet plan according to my food preference. We used to daily followup calls to make sure what I am having and how my workout is going on.

Whenever I badly crave for some food she never said no... but always guided me how to eat so that I'll be in calorie deficit diet. I even enjoyed my favourite fruit custard, pasta , vermicelli during my journey.

She really guided me like friend and I started noticing changes in my weight and most surprising thing was I could the see the change in my skin tone.

She is just not a coach to me she motivates and challenges in every steps. When I got back pain , she immediately changed my workout plan which helped me recover and come back stronger to earlier workout.

Thank you Pragati for helping me so far